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Red Wine Selection

House Red

Full Bottle     


Half Carafe     


Small Glass    


Large Glass    




Deep in colour, mellow dry with a delicate bouquet.  Easy drinking.



A smooth and rich red using only noble grape varieties grown on the southern slopes of the Toodos mountains.

Ruby Calliga


Taking its name from its exquisite ruby colour, this robust dry red boasts flavours matching with our meat dishes.

Vin de Crete


Produced from the varieties “Liatiko”, “Kotsifali”, “Mantilari”.  The rich aroma emerges from its velvety body underlining its balanced and elegant  character.

Othello Vintage  


A full bodied dry red that has been aged in oak barrels to give it a distinctive grand taste.  Keo’s No.1.

Mateus Rose


A slightly sparkling Portuguese wine.